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Random Events

Random Event #1

So last night as I (L) was watching the MNF game drinking a beer I jokingly say something along the lines of,

(L):”Who knows, maybe next year at this time I won’t be able to do this!”

(K)”I know. Hopefully you’ll be as big as a house!”

(L)”Um that would mean I’d need to get pregnant by FEBRUARY!!!”

So the breakdown for me was the fact that in order for me to get pregnant by February we would have to find a donor bank, find a donor, make sure my cycle is being tracked, find a doctor, and the list goes on. Not to mention it would have to take the first time! When I stop to think about it there is so much to do before we even begin and if we really want to start at the first of the year then we really need to get going. Don’t get me wrong, I really want a baby and to get pregnant, but thinking that next football season I could potentially be pregnant really put it in a different perspective! (Oh and let’s not forget we want a “honeymoon” our “one last hoorah” before we begin trying!)

Random Event #2

Tonight we went to spin class. As some of you may know we were in Cabo a couple of weeks ago for our nuptials. Before that I was a total gym rat. But since Cabo I have not been to the gym once. Well sure enough tonight’s spin instructor was the spin instructor from hell (see pic below).

I am really hoping that this devil lady has not ruined any chance of me ever having a baby. However, she may in fact just have been trying to condition my body for the future pain childbirth will bring. Regardless I hate this devil woman, but I keep going back for more.

Anyway, I realize this was kind of a lame post but I’m trying to get into a rhythm of posting blogs on a somewhat regular basis. Now if only K would get to posting hint hint .  .  .

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