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Well here we are again. I am sure you’ve missed us! Since we last wrote we have not only picked our donor, but have received “the goods” as well. We have been tracking EVERYTHING this month just to be sure that we get our timing perfect. However, I’m sure we all know that nothing is ever perfect and so we’re just hoping it’s “good enough”. I have been tracking my BBT for quite some time, but not as consistently as I should. According to that my temp should be rising either tomorrow or the following day. I also started testing the pH of my CM to see if that would provide any useful clues. It has been in the 5-6 range until this afternoon when I tested it and it was clearly a 7. I think this is good news because at that same time I tested for my LH and saw that it tested positive.

Now the difficult timing part comes into play. We have two vials this time so we have essentially two shots at this; but there are so many opinions on when the best time to inseminate are. I had thought we would try 12 hours and then 24 hours after the surge, but I talked to our Dr. and she said 24 – 36. I also read an article I found on which says the best time may be 24 +/- 6 hours from the surge. All I know is I am getting anxious! Especially since my tracking tells me that I have an LH surge one day and a temperature spike immediately following the next day. This concerns me since I have heard once your temperature spikes you have already ovulated and it is too late to try. It’s a shame we only have two samples and no ultrasound to provide exact timing for us. Perhaps we should look into an at home ultrasound machine!

It is such an exciting time for us, and we have both convinced ourselves that it will happen on the first go round. While I know that probably seems wishful thinking to most, I cannot think of it any other way. I mean why would you? I seriously doubt Peyton Manning goes into his first game of the season thinking “Oh we’ll probably lose this one, but there’s always next week.” So why should we think “Oh we probably won’t get pregnant on the first try.” (Yes I just used a Peyton Manning analogy!)

So needless to say blog readers, sometime within the next 24 hours we will be getting pregnant! I will try to report back as soon as possible, because I have found that reading other people’s journey’s has helped us so hopefully we can help someone else.

 Positive surge!

Our baby daddy has arrived!

What it looks like when you first open the box.

Royce is protecting the goods!

This kids have no idea what's in store!

A family shot was nearly impossible to obtain!


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