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The Horrible Seemingly Unending 2WW

Well here we are 5DPO and it seems the time is literally DRAAAAAAAAAGING. So far I have had two people think we could test the day after our ICI and I cannot tell you how badly I wish that were true! I have been hyper-sensitive to absolutely everything going on with my body these first few days. I read all about CM (ranging from dry, to cloudy, to stringy and cloudy) and cervical positioning (high and soft), and signs/symptoms of conception. Of course I realize that all of these things so early really mean nothing and everyone is different.

However, I am writing today because starting last night, all day today, and as we speak I have been having really bad back lower back pain, as well as intermittent pain in my lower abdomen. At first I thought once again I was imagining things (like I imagined the potential breast pain) but I am definitely not imagining this. I would love to know if anyone has experienced these types of symptoms so soon. All I know that I had better be pregnant because if not I’ll be pissed I didn’t take any pain meds!

So followers, readers, passerby’s while I know everyone is different please drop a line or two on how your first few DPO’s were and whether or not it resulted in a BFP or BFN.

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