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Long Time No See!

Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. We’ve been gone for quite sometime so I thought I would get all the holiday wishes out of the way! I hope everyone had a great holiday season; I know we did. K and I went back to Indiana to visit my family, and while we were there K’s brothers and sister in law drove out from Kansas to be with us as well. Needless to say it was one of the best Christmas breaks I can remember.

I took everyone’s advice and began taking pre-natal vitamins about a month and a half ago. We had originally thought we would begin by February or March and I wanted to make sure I was able to handle them well as I’d heard some brands cause symptoms in certain women. February and March are coming up so fast, and it is a little scary thinking about all that still needs to get done. I am confident February is out, but I think that by March we should be trying for the first time! We are still in the middle of deciding which bank to go with, they all seem to have such pro’s and con’s associated with them. Here are the few we have looked at:

Cryogenic Laboratories out of Minnesota: We really like them because they allow us to look at pretty much everything for free. Unfortunately they do not have a huge number of open donors which is important to us.

Fairfax: This is the bigger sister site to Cryogenic and while we liked them originally, I keep reading negative reviews about the number of siblings they allow, as well as the updating of medical history from the siblings. They do have a larger inventory, but you have to pay for everything which can really add up.

Xytex: Seems more expensive, and allows the most family units that I’ve seen. Probably not the choice for us, at least as of now.

TSBC: Love that they limit the number of family units to 10. I am assuming that this is why their inventory is not very large, which is a problem if you can’t find a donor you want. They also don’t seem to have much online, everything like child photos has to be mailed to you.

California Cryo: Looks like the largest and most well known. They are accredited by AATB (as are Fairfax and Cryo Lab) and their inventory is vast. However, I do not like the fact that I couldn’t find anything related to the number of donor siblings/family units allowed.

I’m hoping we can pick a bank within the next couple of weeks and pick a donor within the next four. That way we should be able to order everything so that it is read by March. I have begun to track my basal body temperature in the morning, and will start tracking my cervical fluid as well. I’m currently using because they are free and have an iPhone app (it’s easier to record my temp on my phone than to remember to log in on a computer) but am open to other tracking services.

Hopefully I will be able to blog more frequently as we both have new positions at work which allow us to have a normal 4×10 schedule. No more shift work makes it easier to track everything!

Hope everyone in blogland is doing well, and staying warm – we are virtually iced in here!


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