Well, here we are

So this is the first time we have ever blogged, so please be patient as we begin this journey!

I (let’s go with L for the moment) am a 33 (very soon to be 34) year old lesbian. I recently married my best friend and partner in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. It was the most fantastic journey ever. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! My partner (we’ll go w/ K because I am very unoriginal!) is a 27-year-old lesbian (surprise surprise!). We are currently raising 2 very furry, four-legged children and felt that it was time to move on to the 2 legged variety! K is on board for the blogging, but I have a feeling I will be the main blogger in this family!

Our very good friends told us all about the blogging world and the information they received from reading others posts. I began ready and trying to learn as much as I can about the TTC community and process and realized that we may be WAY over our heads! I figured there has to be other like us out there, so why not go at this together. I hope you stick with us as we begin not only the journey of motherhood, but the journey of blogging as well!

Now to get down to business:

I (L) will be the one to carry first followed by K. Our plan so far is to find a sperm bank, find our donor, and inseminate. After reading others journey’s I’ve realized we may need a little more planning! But we we’ve been married less than a month, and while we loved the vacation with our friends and family we decided we needed one more with just the two of us prior to children. This should give us at least 6 months before we really start begin TTC. For the time being I will begin charting my cycle (I’m using for those interested), finding a doctor, researching sperm banks, and of course saving as much money as we can. I find it personally outrageous that our insurance company will provide benefits for birth control, abortion, vasectomy’s, etc. yet won’t help those who actually want to conceive a child. (Sorry, I’ll get off of my soapbox now!)

Well that’s it for now. I’m sure as we continue I’ll be able to add more, and hopefully become a better blogger. Until then, thanks for sticking it out with us!



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